TimesUnion: Harry Orlyk talks about his paintings and the land.

Check out an interview by Tim Kane of the Times Union with Harry Orlyk on May 2, 2013

For more than a quarter century, painter Harry Orlyk has transformed rural Washington County into light-infused essays. Almost every day, Orlyk ventures out into the seasons to capture dapples of gold, honey browns, snow whites and verdant tones that envelop the countryside.

Fading light yields the moon in “Moon Rise (No. 4830).” It casts a subtle luminosity over rolling hills, a stand of trees and sloping farmland. The scene is nearly sculpted by his ardent and soft brush strokes directing oil on linen like clay, leaving an impression like a dream, or memory. It’s hard to escape the sense that you’ve been there before, but when remains elusive…

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Harry Orlyk's "Barn Under a Red Sky" (Courtesy Laffer Gallery)

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  1. Harry ,s been a long time, your work has evolved to be like the earth was throw with light from the sky to your canvas.
    Hope you and Your amily are well. I wish I bought that hog farm building up the road.

  2. Nice to see your work. I still have some of your early work. Wondrous and ghostlike scrapings
    and layers of cosmic stuff deeper than the canvas. Yet, I could never parse out your
    NAZI leanings. A strange thing beauty is.

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